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High-low dresses or skirts are defined as dresses that are longer in the back than they are in the front. These are amazing for petite figures because you can have the maxi dress feel, without looking shorter. Many celebrities, have already been rocking this trend all over the red carpets. As well as gracing the runways and the red carpet, the high low dresses have been seen on the streets and are now readily available in most High Street stores. What do you think of the 'high - low' trend will you be showing some leg this season? XOXO

Aside from being sexy, the dress is fabulous if you've got great calves and not so great thighs.The varying length of the dress highlights the goodies, while covering what you don't want to show off. If you're petite and pair it with a mid-heeled shoe, voila! You look taller. For those of you daring enough, you can purchase a maxi skirt or dress and cut it into a high-low dress yourself. It's pretty easy and simple making it perfect for those new to DIY projects. Start with a maxi skirt and cut it just the way you wish.

While the weather still vacillates between warm and chilly, take a more slouched approach to high-low dressing. Check out all the celebs who are rockin' 'em already! We betcha a few of your faves are in the : With this new style, we still get that graceful floor-grazing skirt but the cutaway front lets us show off our shoes and pedicures to our hearts' content. Most high-low dresses are cut at knee-length but some, like the Norma Kamali dress, go dangerously thigh-high!

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